Mindfulness and Gratitude Class

Friendship Centers’ Aging-Well Lifestyle Program, based off of the Aging’s Aging Mastery program designed by the National Council on Aging, supports the concepts of improving the quality of one’s life in the six dimensions of aging well: Gratitude and Mindfulness; Health and Well-being; Finances and Future Planning; Connections and Community; Creativity and Learning; and Legacy and Purpose. The exciting part of this program is to not only provide resources and information to seniors about these six dimensions for aging well, but to also provide hands-on activities and personal support and encouragement to help each person make optimal choices for themselves on how to live more fully. The goal is to cultivate new behaviors and daily habits that will feel personally rewarding, and therefore maintained in one’s lifestyle.

Friendship Centers of Emmet County is offering programming on the six dimensions of aging throughout the year. The first session is on Gratitude and Mindfulness. Benefits of living a life of gratitude are being more socially connected, better able to handle stress, lower levels of depression, better quality of sleep, and an overall feeling of well-being. The practice of mindfulness is exercise for the brain and has several positive impacts on emotional and psychological well-being.

To learn more about the practice of gratitude and mindfulness in your daily life, join us for this session of the Aging-Well Lifestyle Program presented by FCEC’s Health Services. The class will take place at the Petoskey Friendship Center at a date to still be determined. While not required, signing up in advance will help with planning and materials. Contact Lori Lind, Social Worker, at (231) 347-3211, ext. 22 or lori@emmetcoa.org.

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