Our Staff

Our staff are proud to pursue the Friendship Centers mission:

“…to ensure that all senior citizens have the opportunities, information, and services necessary to live healthy, safe and active lives in dignity.”

Day-to-day operations are overseen by the executive director including facilities, finances and personnel. Additionally the executive director is responsible for developing, implementing and assessing programs and services based on the organization’s purpose and goals.

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Our staff

Denneen Smith

Executive Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 112

Jill Cook

Assistant Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 110

Todd Ortlieb

Chief Financial Officer
(231) 347-3211
ext 123

Deborah Francis

Human Resource Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 114

Brittney Pemberton

Enrichment Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 119

Cindy Helton

Food Service Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 118

Chris Scott

Health Services Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 126

Anita Percy

In-Home Services Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 116

Denise Bonter

In-Home Services Staff Administrator
(231) 347-3211
ext 121

Christy Blackall

RSVP Project Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 129

Lisa Hoig

Transportation and Meals on Wheels Director
(231) 347-3211
ext 125

Jodi Mundy

Social Worker
(231) 347-3211
ext 113

Laura Pena

Huber Center Coordinator
(231) 529-8803